Antonio Berntsson

Meet Antonio Berntsson, one of the men behind your Linde+Larsen solutions. 

Antonio started up at Linde+Larsen in 2019 and became our Sales Manager in Sweden. 

Antonio has worked with the Swedish market and waterproof cases since 2008, and his great work was noticed by the founder and director of Linde+Larsen Henrik Linde. Henrik headhunted Antonio, who continued his good work. Among many other things, Antonio has signed large agreements with the Swedish police on specially designed packaging solutions for crimes and storage of evidence. 

Antonio, what are you most proud of having achieved in your time at Linde+Larsen?
“I am very proud of the wide customer base and rising turnover that we (as all departments of the company) have built up together in Sweden under my project management. From R&D, Production to Warehouse. Also in being part of the process of broadening our range, where we can offer total solutions from idea, to design to tailor-made finished products”.

Antonio, what is your view on the Linde+Larsen journey? – development, relocation, Nordic foam etc.
“It is fantastic to be part of this growth journey that Linde+Larsen has been in, despite the current pandemic and which is accelerating as markets return to more normal life.

NordicFoam by Linde+Larsen is part of our broadening of the business. Where we more clearly channel the heart in our business, which is converting foam to technical solutions.

Our move from Soeborg to Roedovre was another necessary part of the strategy, to grow further. I look forward to showcasing our nice new factory to customers as soon as possible. It will be a well-invested visit for them”.

Antonio, what do you see as the biggest challenge at Linde+Larsen?
“The biggest challenge has been the global challenge like all companies feel regarding transport and supply chains of products that are in demand by customers. Project management becomes much more difficult due to several different external factors and makes it difficult to plan and optimize production. At the same time, we are increasing sales sharply. But as a team and with efforts from each department and individual, I think we have done incredibly well to serve customers in time”.

Antonio, where do you see yourself and Linde+Larsen in 5 years?
“Then I see that we have steadily and annually increased sales further towards the Swedish market and I have more employees who work with me to process the Swedish market. It is a long country and the need of Linde+Larsen’s services is potentially great”

At Linde+Larsen, we are confident that Antonio’s vision for the future will become a reality. Antonio manages to create good customer relationships and sales pitches in Sweden. Furthermore, Antonio is also good at creating opportunities in new markets for Linde+Larsen I Sweden….. And a nice Swedish guy with a Spanish dust of winning temper.

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