Mark Fontaine-Dinesen

Congratulations to Mark Fontaine-Dinesen.

Mark started as a Key Account- & Webmanager in Linde+Larsen in December 2018, and it is with great pleasure, that we can present Mark as our new Sales & Operation Manager.


I am looking forward to steering the #production on the right path in this fast-growing #market. My day-to-day work will be a good mix of making sure production is running smooth, finding new ways to #optimize the current work #process and still being in contact with our #customers.


I think the biggest challenge is also my happiest moment – becoming a father in January.
That meant a year with a lot of wonderful moments for me personally but also a big lack of sleep. During a pandemic with all the challenges of the world being in #lockdown, I’m just glad that we at L+L were in a good #position before the pandemic started, which also made it possible for us to increase our #sales this past year.
2020 has been a busy year with a lot of moments where we had to adapt and make some changes that in the end turned out great.

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