Ove Weiss

Meet One of the men behind your Linde+Larsen solutions

Ove Weiss is our Key Account Manager in Technical Solution. Ove has more than 25 years of experience in selling technical solutions for industrial products. In his +25 years, Ove has built up knowledge and has become a specialist in vibration, sound attenuation and protection.

In April 2020, Ove became part of the Linde+Larsen team, and since then added interesting new customers, product solutions and growth to Linde+Larsen

Ove, what are you most proud of having achieved in your time at Linde+Larsen?

“Linde+Larsen is an innovative, inspiring, and solution-oriented company, with a good collaboration across departments, which I am happy and proud to be a part of. Of course, I am also proud to have added interesting new customers, product solutions and growth to the company. I am very much looking forward to developing the initiated collaboration with our new customers and establishing a good collaboration with new potential customers, so we can continue the growth at L+L”

Ove, what do you see as the biggest challenge at Linde + Larsen?

“The biggest challenge has been that we are growing so fast, and have grown out of the old production buildings, which has led to temporary challenges in delivering our products to customers on time. However, this challenge is solved by moving to new, larger and better production facilities”.

Ove, where do you see yourself and Linde+Larsen in 5 years?

“If we look a little further in time, I’m sure we have doubled our revenue. We have become more employees and we continue to be an innovative company that others look to find inspiration. I am looking forward to being a part of this process. Although I have been in the game for many years, I am sure that over the next 5 years, I will also develop, and be specialized in several new areas in 5 years.”

At Linde+Larsen, we are certain that Ove’s contribution and effort to our growth only just begun. Ove will be part of our further growth of current and new customers, and development and training of new employees.

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